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Precision machined parts

We are confident in the product cost!

We will solve the troubles of customers who have problems with processing such as unstable quality of Vietnamese local contractors, high difficulty and cost reduction, and unobtainable gear cutting parts. We also support a set of equipment from design to assembly.


We will work to reduce costs by promoting global expansion through tie-ups with our own factory in Dalian, China (established in March 2005), and strive to shorten the lead time from ordering to delivery through our integrated production management system.

In addition to a wide range of support including turning, cutting, and grinding, we are also good at integrated production from design to assembly, and we have a production system that handles everything from extremely small parts to small lots of large parts in-house. We will respond flexibly to your request.


● Quality assurance is carried out by a system of 10 people.
● Inspect all basic high-mix small lots and mass-produced products.
● Process inspections are conducted in the factory.

● Owns two 3D measuring machines (automatic and manual), hardness tester, surface roughness meter, etc.
● Master gauges and precision inspection tools are made in Japan.



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