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Plating Convenience Company

Located in Dong Van 3 Industrial Park, Ha Nam Province, HOJITSU VIETNAM is compatible with most plating such as low temperature black chrome plating, black dyeing, solvent coating and other zinc plating. We will make a proposal that matches the customer's problem. We will help you solve the problems of delivery date, logistics cost, management cost and processing cost from medium lot to small lot. If you have any problems with surface treatment (plating, painting, blasting, etc.), please call HOJITSU VIETNAM.

Service list

We are engaged in a wide range of businesses such as plating, precision machined parts, custom-made suits and soccer schools.


In cooperation with our own factory in Dalian, China, integrated production from precision machining to planning, design and assembly is possible. In addition, equipment design and assembly can be outsourced in Vietnam.


Taylor-Made suits that are expensive to buy in Japan. It's good that the chances of not wearing a suit with Cool Biz have decreased, but when it comes time to wear it, it's honestly not good for ready-made products. Men have to know how to wear suit coolly.

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We have signed a par local partner contract with AC Milan in 2019, and we are operating AC Milan Academy Hanoi in Hanoi.


We have one of the largest plating and surface treatment items in Vietnam.

If you can't find it, want to put it in a place where the quality is stable, let us help you solve your problems.


We have one of the largest drying oven(size 1500-1500-2000) 

We will provide you with Japanese quality and Vietnamese price. We will solve your problem if you have something with the quality of the painting.


What is black Oxide?

The black oxide process is a chemical conversion coating. This means that the black oxide is not deposited on the surface of the substrate like nickel or zinc electroplating.

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Low temperature black chrome plating is a combined process of electroplating and spray coating. It is processed at 0 degrees or less and is evaluated as having the highest rust prevention ability in the world of thin films.

Major Business Partners

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